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SOFIA DATSERI – Abstract Expressionism or Ideal Realism?

Sofia Datseri with her imposing aerial landscapes creates a new personal writing, where the dynamic of the overall depiction prevails over suggestive representations and individual thematic forms. Her pictorial choices and the spontaneity of her touch give intensity to her compositions, while the expressive improvisations with the absolute freedom in the use of color and structure, refer to the morphology of an actionpainting.
Datseri’s painting manner in these works displaces anything formal or symmetrical, colorless or dull and highlights the perpetual movement. The action spills across the canvas with colors dominating the space and imposing their own aesthetics along with a sense of musicality. Her representations lead us to a subversive visual reality, even metaphysical, that has rhythm and plasticity.
Although her landscapes may come from the realm of fantasy, they nevertheless refer by association to the power of nature with images of stormy seas, cloudy skies, windswept landscapes, sunburned places, with the blinding blue of the horizon, the formations of the sunrise and the mutations of the sunset.
The landscapes of the visual artist, whether real or a figment of the imagination, are characterized by their design comfort, the skilful management of the juxtapositions of volumes and their clear compositional ability. Her plastic pursuits can be felt in the bold use of colors and the use of light, while her gestural technique dominates all painted surfaces.
In the attempt to represent the immaterial with “non-representative narratives”, Datseri develops a dialogue with the viewer and leaves room for multiple readings. The poetics of her images offer a unique visual experience and an endless, sensual journey between the elaborate games of perspective, the bold colors and the massive celestial and terrestrial formations.
Abstract Expressionism or Ideal Realism?

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