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Sofia Datseri

Sofia Datseri is an acclaimed Greek artist, decending from Ierapetra, Crete. She is member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. She has made several personal exhibitions. In 2014 she represented Greece in “Bienalle” of Alexandria.

She has taken part in many group exhibitions, while she has also presented her work individually, in Greece and abroad. Her work can be found in museums, foundations and private collections.

The artist illustrates pictures and thoughts, using her personal tecnique and oil colour, turning them into authentic pieces of art. The rare light and nature of the Cretan land, and Greek tradition, create unique patterns and clear images, which bring to the viewer forgone memories. Over the last years, Sofia Datseri is based in Ierapetra, where her artworks grace luxury homes of the area.


2021: Personal exhibition “The persistent light”, Technohoros art gallery, Athens.  Curator :Louisa Karapidaki

2020: Group exhibition “Idatinos kosmos”, Municipal Gallery of Malevizi, Heraklion, Crete

2020: Group exhibition “I anasa tis fisis”, Technohoros Art Gallery, Athens.  Curator: Electra Douma

2020: Personal exhibition “Diavgeia”, Vikelaia Library, Heraklion, Crete

2020: Group exhibition “Poiitika ton Xromaton”, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Atene

2019: Group exhibition “La vie en rose”, Conference center of Pireaus Bank, Thessaloniki.  Curator: Domna Chanoumidou

2018: Group exhibition “Mesogios”, Municipal Gallery of Pireaus

2016: Group exhibition, Gallery St Nicolas, St Nikolaos, Crete.  Curator: Iris Kritikou

2015: Group exhibition ”Lexeis kai Hroma”, Gallery Kaplanon, Athens

2015: Group exhibition ”Erotokritos”, Telloglion, Thessaloniki

2014: Personal exhibition, Gallery “Anti”, Antiparos

2014: Personal exhibition, Institute de Francaise, Larissa

2014: Group exhibition for N. Kazantzakis, Heraklion, Crete

2014: Group exhibition “Erga Sto Patari”, Gallery Ianos, Athens

2013: Personal exhibition “Eyelands”, Neorio Moro, Chania, Crete

2013: Personal exhibition “Efnostos” (العود الحميد), Opera Cairo, Egypt

2013: Group exhibition for N. Kazantzakis, Rethymnon, Crete

2013: Group exhibition for C.P. Cavafis, Chania Art, Crete

2013: Group exhibition “The Greek Summer” (To Elliniko Kalokairi), Gallery Ianos, Athens

2013: Group exhibition “Krikos II”, Ergostasio Tehnis, Chania, Crete

2013: Group exhibition “Invisible Procession” (Aoratos Thiasos), Gallery Ianos, Athens

2013: Group exhibition “The Fruit Trees of Athens” (Ta Oporofora Tis Athinas), Gallery Ianos, Athens

2012: Personal exhibition in Elounda, Crete

2010: Group exhibition “Samples of Art”, Gallery Manifactura, Athens

2009: Touch Festival, St Nikolaos, Crete

2008: Personal exhibition in St Nikolaos, Crete

2003-2007: Painting exhibition as part of the summer festivities in Ierapetra and participation in the Touch Festival in St Nikolaos, Crete

1998: Personal stone sculpture exhibition, Ierapetra, Crete.

Sofia Datseri

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